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William schantz’s Take on Blog Writing After Retirement

William schantz’s Take on Blog Writing After Retirement

Just like many other hobbies, writing is yet another way to pass the time after retirement. People are not just into writing columns for the local paper, writing short narratives, or publishing hard copies of their literary pieces; instead, another way of expressing penned thoughts has emerged: Blog writing. People are not only writing after retirement, but they are also earning online by creating a blog site where they post their written pieces.

According to Bill Schantz, blog writing and posting is a great way to earn, share, communicate, and live a socially active life after retirement from the comfort of your home. Here is how you can turn your online creative space into a source of income.

How To Turn Your Blog Writing into A Business? As Per William schantz

According to William schantz, beginning to monetize the blog may be an exhilarating and inspiring experience. Anyone can be new to writing and perhaps have been at it for a while. One can begin producing income from their blog regardless of the level of expertise.

Marketing Techniques

Online marketing for other brands on your site is among the most straightforward techniques to monetize an online site. This entails promoting services or products on the blog in exchange for compensation received when customers make a purchase. To accomplish this, one must first join an advertising network; several businesses operate their own networks, after which one needs to get unique identification links for every item endorsed on the blog. Effectively using these hyperlinks across the blog entries increases readership.

Advertisement Ideas

A fantastic additional approach to monetizing a site is through advertising. By placing adverts on a blog, partnering with an advertising network can generate income. As a result, it’s critical to have a sufficient number of readers and visitors to generate a respectable income because you’ll be compensated for every click and exposure the adverts receive on the blog. Dealing with paid advertising or contributor pieces can also boost visibility and present one with more new business options.

Add Variety to the Blog

According to William schantz, another approach to finance the blog is by producing digital goods like e-books, online classes, lectures, and online groups. One can expand their income sources and give readers additional alternatives by offering things for sale.

By producing valuable material that visitors can buy, one can also solidify brand position as a subject-matter specialist in the field and enhance overall reputation.

Conclusion by Bill Schantz

William schantz advises considering your options in direct sales. Make sure to highlight any goods or services you are selling on the blog, and whenever you can, include a connection to the appropriate page. This is a fantastic method for boosting your items’ visibility and purchases.

Working with new financing styles can be daunting after retirement, and one may find themselves in peril with all the burden of blog monetization. It is always better to seek some advice and help regarding marketing a blog from professionals.

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