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William Schantz’s 3 Steps to Retirement Planning in 2022

Retirement Planning

Like most people, you might wonder what steps to take to prepare for retirement. For example, when do you need to start saving? What’s the best way to invest your money? And how will you know if you’re on track?

Here are William Schantz‘s five steps to retirement planning that will help make the process easier. Whether you’re just starting or closer to retirement, these tips will help you stay on track.

William Schantz’s Steps to Retirement Planning

Start Saving for Retirement as Soon as Possible

No one likes to think about retirement, but the sooner you start saving, the better off you’ll be. Retirement may seem a long way off, but it will be here before you know it. And if you don’t start saving now, you’ll scramble to catch up later.

The earlier you start saving for retirement, the more time your money will have to grow. Even if you can only save a little bit each month, it will add up over time. And if you start investing in a 401(k) or IRA, your money will grow even faster.

Review Your Budget and Find Ways to Cut Back on Expenses

As you get closer to retirement, it’s essential to look closely at your budget and ensure you’re on track to meet your financial goals. According to William Schantz of Mid Atlantic Financial LLC, one way to do this is to find ways to cut back on expenses.

For example, you might consider downsizing your home, cutting back on entertainment costs, or eliminating unnecessary subscriptions and memberships. By trimming your budget, you can free up extra cash to put towards your retirement savings.

Another option is to explore ways to boost your income, such as working part-time or doing freelance work. By taking these steps now, you can ensure that you’re in a good position to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Invest in a 401K or IRA Account

The third step of William Schantz‘s retirement planning is one of the best ways to invest in your future – investing money into a 401K or IRA account. You can start to grow your nest egg while also taking advantage of tax breaks—the earlier you save, the more time your money has to compound and grow.

For example, if you start saving $100 per month at age 25, you will have almost half a million by age 65. However, if you wait until age 35 to start saving, you will have much lesser by retirement. In other words, every year you delay saving for retirement can significantly impact your financial security later in life.

William Schantz’s Advice for Retirement Planning

According to William Schantz, there’s no single right way to approach retirement planning, but there are a few key things everyone should remember. First, start saving as early as possible. The sooner you start putting money away, the more time it has to grow. Second, consider your sources of income. You’ll need to ensure you have other income sources, such as a pension or 401(k). Finally, think about how you want to spend your retirement years. Do you want to travel? Downsize your home? Pursue a hobby?

The more specific you can be about your plans, you’ll be better prepared to make them a reality. Retirement planning may seem daunting, but if you take it one step at a time, you’ll be on your way to a comfortable and enjoyable retirement.

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