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Bill Schantz’s List of Pros and Cons of Investing in Gemstones

Bill Schantz's List of Pros and Cons of Investing in Gemstones

According to Bill Schantz, gemstones are one of the most lucrative investment options. There may be a high risk involved, but if one wants to get fast and high profits, risk must be a factor one must ignore. However, there are different risks involved, and a wise decision would be to acknowledge all and devise a strategy for them.

Furthermore, Bill Schantz believes investing without doing homework is like going into war without a weapon to defend yourself.

So, here are some of the pros and cons of investing in gemstones. You can read and think about it before being mesmerized by the gems’ beauty and emptying your pockets.

Pros of Investing In Gemstones-Explained By Bill Schantz

Fixed Prices

There are very few chances of price fluctuation in the gemstone prices, these are more demand and supply-dependent commodities, and gemstones have always remained in fashion and demand since the dawn of time. If you are concerned about price depletion, this is the last commodity that will ever bear the burnt.

Highly Valued

The bigger the stone, the higher its weight and price. Furthermore, Bill Schantz suggests a polished and neatly cut gemstone that can be used for accessories like jewelry, increasing the stone’s value. There are many places in the world where jewelers sell stones at the price of gold and would take them back at the cost of the stone.

Stable Prices

Despite the jewelers playing double standards, the truth will never cease to exist that the demand for gemstones is still the same as it was in the past, irrespective of the market. However, just like gold, there is a steady increase in the prices of gemstones.

Easy To Carry

The best part of investing in gemstones is that they are undetectable, and there are no sanctions on carrying them worldwide. Not only this, but the little pieces can travel in a cushioned pouch in your pocket, and you will not have to worry about renting a place to keep them.


Gemstones are not affected by any external climatic condition nor need special care to keep them in good shape. Most stones do not even break or get scratched easily. Even fire experiments check the stone’s quality and identify whether it’s real or fake.

However, not everything is easy with investment in gemstones; as Bill Schantz says, some risks are involved in this business, too, just like the one mentioned above.

Cons of Investing In Gemstones-Explained by Bill Schantz

Security Risk

Even though they are not expensive as gold, they are still rare pieces that hold more value than some. So, taking gemstones out in the open or traveling with them in public can be a security risk.


The next con is the chances of fraud, any middle man in the chain of gemstone supply can commit fraud and sell you fake plastic instead of real gemstones. There is no visible difference between the fake and the real unless you know the tricks to understand and differentiate the two.


In summary, the risk factor is prevalent in gemstones, and if the opportunity presents itself where you have to choose between gemstones and gold, Bill Schantz believes gold to be a more optimal choice.

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