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Best Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs by Bill Schantz

Best Business Opportunities for Entrepreneurs by Bill Schantz

In 2022, you can try various exciting new business options, and Bill Schantz is here to assist you with the best pick. One of the most essential things your small business can do is to provide a necessary service or answer a common problem.

Bill Schantz’s Guide for Business Opportunities

Concentration is the key to commercial success, of course. You have a marketable product or service concept if you can identify an unfilled demand and describe your ideal customers.

Nonetheless, each option we’ve highlighted here has a shot at being a winner. These are Bill Schantz’s top picks for successful enterprises for the year 2022. Let’s start with ideas for businesses that would be a good fit for you.

E-Commerce Store

In the same way that it was years ago, starting an online retail store is a plausible way to earn money. While the competition is higher, you can access many free resources that make getting everything set up a breeze.


Dropshipping is selling things made and shipped directly to customers by the manufacturer rather than by the seller. The firm is thus completely hands-off and requires no inventory.

Bill Schantz emphasizes that there is no limit to the variety of markets you can serve, from the fashion and beauty industry to those of pets, homes, and cars.

Since there is little in the way of start-up costs associated with dropshipping, it presents an excellent opportunity for those with little business experience.

Translation of Languages

Although advances in machine translation are impressive, there is still a high demand for human translators, which will likely remain for some time.

To get your foot in the door, you can use websites like Fiverr and Upwork to hunt for freelance work and gradually increase your clientele. Bill Schantz also suggests contacting well-known bloggers or a freelance writing company and politely asking if you can translate some of their posts.

Import Of Gadgets

Many of the most popular items on sites like Amazon and eBay will likely be imported. Buying initial stock, establishing a brand, and promoting sales through online channels are straightforward strategies.

When using Amazon’s fulfillment services or drop-shipping, you don’t need a warehouse to improve your sales revenue.


Lastly, freelancing is another option for those seeking work. Freelancing differs from consulting in that you put it to use for other companies rather than imparting your expertise to others. You can employ freelancers and assign them tasks if you want to run a more hands-off firm. Since many forms of freelancing—including blogging, graphic design, cinematography, and so on—can be done remotely, they present an excellent opportunity for people who want to start their businesses without leaving the house.

Bill Schantz’s Final Thoughts

According to Bill Schantz, one must remember that you need more than just a concept to succeed. It’s going to take a lot of effort. Overcoming obstacles as they emerge calls for enthusiasm, determination, and perseverance. There will be no stopping you from entering the forefront of globally successful corporate executives and entrepreneurs if you accomplish this.

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