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Bill Schantz

Bill Schantz is The Founder & CEO of Mid Atlantic Financial, LLC

Bill Schantz pioneer the life settlements market and is now one of the market leaders. He was the driving force behind the original funds that helped this financial instrument become more widely used for investing. Bill’s standing amongst his peers has paved the way for prestigious client relationships, which include Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Lewis and Ellis, Mayer Brown, Locke Lord Clifford Chance, and many more.

Bill Schantz

Bill Schantz is The CEO of Mid Atlantic Financial, LLC. 

Bill Schantz pioneered the market for life settlements and remains one of its leaders. He was the guiding force behind the initial funds that made investments in this financial instrument mainstream. Bill’s standing amongst his peers has paved the way for prestigious client relationships, which include Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, Deloitte, Lewis and Ellis, Mayer Brown, Locke Lord Clifford Chance, and many more.

Bill is a longstanding member of the Life Insurance Settlement Association, and a regular attendee and Structured Finance events.

Together with his wife Phyliss, Bill Schantz is actively involved in many good causes. This includes Noelle’s Light, Missionaries of the Poor, March of Dimes, and the Wills Eye Hospital.

Mr. Schantz is a graduate of Villanova University, the devoted husband of his wife of 40 years Phyliss, the proud father of his 5 children and the doting grandfather of 11 grandchildren.

Introduction to Life Settlements

Life settlements, often regarded as a hidden gem in the financial world, refer to the sale of an existing life insurance policy to a third party for a one-time cash payment. The payment is typically more than the policy’s cash surrender value but less than its net death benefit. This transaction allows policyholders to access the latent value in their life insurance, converting it into immediate capital.

The significance of life settlements lies in their ability to offer a financial lifeline to policyholders. There are numerous reasons why someone might choose to sell their life insurance policy. For some, the premiums have become unaffordable, or the original reason for purchasing the policy no longer exists. For others, there might be a pressing financial need or an opportunity they wish to pursue. In such scenarios, life settlements emerge as a viable solution, providing policyholders with the financial relief they seek.

Moreover, life settlements can open doors to new financial opportunities. Instead of letting a policy lapse or surrendering it for a minimal amount, policyholders can leverage the hidden value in their policy, using the proceeds from the sale for endeavors like starting a business, investing in other ventures, or simply enhancing their quality of life. In essence, life settlements transform a static asset into a dynamic resource, empowering individuals to make informed financial decisions that align with their evolving needs and goals.

Bill Schantz's Contribution

Bill Schantz stands as a beacon of expertise and innovation in the life settlement sector. With a career spanning several decades, he has not only witnessed the evolution of the industry but has played a pivotal role in shaping its trajectory. His deep understanding of the complexities and nuances of life settlements, combined with his visionary approach, has positioned him as a trailblazer in the field.

A significant chapter in Bill Schantz’s illustrious career is his association with Mid Atlantic Financial LLC. As the Founder and CEO, he has steered the company to become a formidable force in the life settlement arena. Under his leadership, Mid Atlantic Financial LLC has consistently showcased its commitment to providing value-driven solutions for policyholders, while also offering lucrative opportunities for investors. His collaborations with major investment banks and institutions further underscore his stature and influence in the industry.

Bill’s leadership extends beyond just business operations. He has been instrumental in introducing innovative programs, fostering partnerships, and setting industry benchmarks. His relentless pursuit of excellence and his dedication to ethical practices have not only elevated Mid Atlantic Financial LLC but have also contributed to the broader acceptance and growth of life settlements as a reputable financial instrument. In essence, Bill Schantz’s contributions have left an indelible mark on the life settlement sector, solidifying his legacy as a pioneering leader.

Benefits of Life Settlements

Life settlements have emerged as a transformative financial tool, offering a myriad of benefits to policyholders. These benefits not only provide immediate financial relief but also open doors to long-term financial planning and security. Here’s a comprehensive look at the advantages of life settlements:

1. Immediate Source of Cash for Various Purposes:
Life settlements offer policyholders the unique opportunity to unlock the latent value in their life insurance policies. By selling their policy to a third party, individuals can receive a lump-sum payment that often exceeds the policy’s cash surrender value. This immediate influx of capital can be a game-changer, especially for those facing financial challenges or seeking to capitalize on new opportunities. Whether it’s paying off debts, funding a child’s education, investing in a new business venture, or simply enhancing one’s quality of life, the proceeds from a life settlement can be used for a wide array of purposes, providing flexibility and financial freedom.

2. Relief from Tracking and Paying Premiums:
Managing and keeping up with life insurance premiums can become burdensome, especially if the policy no longer aligns with an individual’s financial goals or if they face economic hardships. Life settlements offer a way out. By selling the policy, individuals are relieved of the responsibility of tracking and making premium payments. This not only alleviates financial stress but also eliminates the risk of the policy lapsing due to non-payment. In essence, life settlements provide a graceful exit strategy for policyholders, allowing them to redirect their financial resources more effectively.

3.Potential for Creating a Retirement Fund or Covering Long-Term Care Needs:
Retirement planning and long-term care are two critical aspects of financial planning that often weigh heavily on individuals’ minds. The proceeds from a life settlement can be strategically invested to create a robust retirement fund, ensuring a comfortable and secure retirement. Additionally, as healthcare costs continue to rise and the need for long-term care becomes more prevalent, having a substantial financial cushion becomes imperative. Life settlements can provide the necessary funds to cover long-term care expenses, whether it’s in-home care, assisted living, or specialized medical treatments. By tapping into the value of their life insurance policy, individuals can ensure that they are well-prepared for their golden years and any healthcare challenges that may arise.

Life settlements offer a holistic solution to various financial challenges and goals. They empower policyholders to make informed decisions, optimize their financial assets, and secure their future, underscoring their significance in the realm of personal finance.

Eligibility and Requirements for Life Settlements

Life settlements have become an increasingly popular financial tool, allowing policyholders to tap into the value of their life insurance policies. However, not every policy or policyholder qualifies for a life settlement. There are specific criteria and requirements that must be met to be eligible for this transaction. Here’s a comprehensive overview of the eligibility criteria and requirements for life settlements:

1. General Criteria:
– Age: One of the primary factors that influence eligibility for a life settlement is the age of the insured. Typically, seniors aged 65 and older are considered ideal candidates for life settlements. The rationale behind this is that older age often correlates with a shorter life expectancy, making the policy more valuable to potential buyers.

Policy Face Value: The face value, or death benefit, of the policy plays a crucial role in determining its marketability. Generally, policies with a face value of $100,000 or more are considered for life settlements. However, the exact value can vary based on the provider and the specific circumstances of the policyholder.

– Policy Type: While various types of life insurance policies can qualify for life settlements, universal life policies are often preferred. Term life policies can also be considered, especially if they come with a conversion option that allows them to be converted into a permanent policy.

– Health Status: The health of the insured is another critical factor. Individuals with a life expectancy of between 2 to 15 years are typically the most sought after in the life settlement market. Chronic or terminal illnesses can increase the policy’s value, making it more attractive to buyers.

2. State-Specific Regulations and Waiting Periods:
– Regulations: Life settlements are regulated at the state level in the U.S., and the rules can vary significantly from one state to another. Some states have stringent licensing requirements for life settlement providers and brokers, while others may have consumer protection regulations in place to ensure transparency and fairness in the transaction.

– Waiting Periods: Some states impose a waiting period before a life insurance policy can be sold in a life settlement transaction. This waiting period, often ranging from 2 to 5 years from the policy’s issuance, is designed to prevent speculative purchasing of life insurance with the sole intent of selling it. However, there are exceptions to this rule, especially if the policyholder faces significant financial hardship or a drastic change in health status.

– Disclosure Requirements: Many states mandate that life settlement providers disclose certain information to the policyholder before the transaction. This can include the offer amount, any fees or commissions, the value of the policy’s death benefit, and potential tax implications.

In conclusion, while life settlements offer a valuable opportunity for policyholders to access the equity in their life insurance, it’s essential to be aware of the eligibility criteria and state-specific regulations. Consulting with a knowledgeable life settlement broker or provider can provide clarity on these requirements and ensure a smooth and beneficial transaction.

Making the Decision: Navigating the Complexities of Life Settlements

The decision to sell a life insurance policy through a life settlement is a significant one, with both financial and personal implications. It’s essential to approach this decision with a comprehensive understanding of the factors involved and the potential outcomes. Here’s a detailed exploration of the considerations and the importance of seeking expert guidance:

1. Factors to Consider Before Opting for a Life Settlement:
– Financial Needs and Goals: Before proceeding with a life settlement, evaluate your current financial situation and future goals. Are you facing immediate financial challenges that necessitate a lump-sum payment? Or are you looking for funds to invest in new opportunities? Understanding your financial objectives will help determine if a life settlement aligns with your goals.

– Policy’s Cash Surrender Value: Compare the offer from the life settlement provider with the policy’s cash surrender value. In many cases, the life settlement offer may significantly exceed the surrender value, but it’s essential to make this comparison to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Tax Implications: Life settlements can have tax consequences. The proceeds from the sale might be subject to income tax, capital gains tax, or both. It’s crucial to understand these implications and how they might affect your overall financial picture.

– Future Premium Payments: Consider the relief from future premium payments. If your policy’s premiums have become burdensome, selling the policy can alleviate this financial strain.

– Loss of Death Benefit: Remember that by selling your policy, you are forfeiting the death benefit that would have been paid out to your beneficiaries. Consider the long-term implications of this loss for your loved ones and their financial well-being.

– Market Value: The value of a life insurance policy in the life settlement market can vary based on several factors, including the insured’s age, health status, policy type, and premium amount. It’s essential to get a fair assessment of your policy’s market value before making a decision.

2. Importance of Consulting with a Life Settlement Broker or Financial Advisor:
– Expert Guidance: Life settlement brokers and financial advisors possess the expertise and knowledge to navigate the complexities of the life settlement market. They can provide valuable insights into the value of your policy, potential buyers, and the intricacies of the transaction.

– Negotiation Power: A broker can negotiate on your behalf, ensuring that you receive the best possible offer for your policy. Their industry connections and understanding of market trends can be invaluable in securing a favorable deal.

– Transparency and Disclosure: Reputable brokers and advisors prioritize transparency. They will ensure that you are fully informed about all aspects of the transaction, including fees, commissions, and potential outcomes.

– Holistic Financial Planning: A financial advisor can help you understand how a life settlement fits into your broader financial plan. They can provide guidance on investing the proceeds, tax planning, and future financial strategies.

While life settlements offer a unique opportunity to access the value of a life insurance policy, the decision to proceed should be made with careful consideration and expert guidance. Consulting with a life settlement broker or financial advisor ensures that you are making an informed choice that aligns with your financial goals and circumstances.

Potential Scenarios and Case Studies

Life settlements can be a transformative financial tool for many individuals. While the following scenarios are hypothetical, they illustrate the diverse situations where life settlements, under the guidance of experts like Bill Schantz, can make a significant difference:

– Scenario 1 – Medical Expenses:
John, a 72-year-old individual, faced unexpected medical bills. Instead of surrendering his life insurance policy, he explored the option of a life settlement. This decision not only covered his medical expenses but also provided additional funds for his retirement.

– Scenario 2 – Enjoying Retirement:
Marianne, nearing her 70s, felt burdened by her policy premiums. After learning about life settlements, she realized she could use the proceeds to travel and make the most of her retirement years.

– Scenario 3 – Financial Challenges:
Ethan, at 70, faced financial difficulties after a sudden job loss. By considering a life settlement, he was able to access the funds needed to start a small business and secure his financial future.

These scenarios underscore the versatility of life settlements and how they can be tailored to meet individual needs and circumstances. While these stories are illustrative, they highlight the profound impact life settlements can have on enhancing one’s financial well-being.


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